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Signing up is easy!  Just choose a user name and password by clicking ”Register Now!” or download the Walker Tracker app and use as the URL to create your account!  Walk with us and log your miles!  Take steps to a healthier you!


Did you know?
With the recent influx of fitness technology, there is now strong evidence to support that individuals who use walking tracking devices, along with online motivational support, are more likely to engage in physical activity.

Walker Tracker’s digital tracking functions provide a more accessible opportunity for personal accountability, as well as an online community for continuous motivational support!


Set your goals
Motivate yourself by setting goals and exceeding them through daily activities.  Use Walker Tracker to create daily step goals and, then, set a reoccurring reminder to your mobile device or email so you never miss a day!  You can also convert other forms of physical activity, such as swimming or biking, into steps and miles!


Track your activity
Tracking your activity is easy!  Walker Tracker is compatible with many fitness devices such as FitBit, Garmin, Jawbone, Apple Health, Google Fit and more!  Sync your device with Walker Tracker to record steps, or manually enter your steps in each day!  Track activities and watch your progress each week!


Connect with others
Connect with other walkers by joining a team or a challenge or creating one of your own!  You can share your progress on your profile, as well as invite friends and family to join a Walker Tracker team or challenge with you!


Need help registering? Check out this video for step by step instructions. 

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